FaceBook VS Google

There is so much buzz right now about FaceBook and Google, and which one can actually drive more traffic.  For many years now the rule has been if you want more traffic then you need to be optimized for Google’s crawlers and then you’re fine.  That is now partially true, while Google is still absolutely vital to your web site’s existence its not the only critical, yes critical, component.  FaceBook has 185 million users, yes 185 million.  That’s a lot of eyeballs, what can you do?  You can setup FaceBook share links on your site/pages to make it easy to share your page on FaceBook.  But, of course, there is the ads.  FaceBook sells ads, and in my opinion its simpler and faster to setup an ad on FaceBook than it is with Google.  You can do it yourself online in about 5 minutes, and initially it doesn’t cost anything, you pay as people click on your ads…this is known as cost-per-click sometimes abbreviated as CPC.  Then means you pay FaceBook an amount you select for each time someone clicks your ad, the ad would then link to your site.

Why is FaceBook critical and is it necessarily?  There’s a good chance your customers are using FaceBook, there’s a good chance they’re spending quite a bit of time doing it too.   Plus, you can link your blog to your profile, and the RSS feed will stream your blog into the notes feature of your FaceBook profile.  Its really quite slick, I use it and I love the feature. Here is a good way to look at it, people spend moments and minutes on Google.  On FaceBook people are spending minutes and even hours online sifting through profiles, playing on line games, updating their profile and of course looking at photos.  This is a great chance to get infront of them.

As I’ve mentioned on this post and in many others, I use Twitter, Linked In and FaceBook.  This blog publishes to Linked In and FaceBook.  My Twitter also updates my status on FaceBook.  My blog entries are listed on my Twitter.  So every time I make an update to Twitter or post a blog, its really getting passed around.

Happy Webbing.

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