Facebook Messaging

FacebookToday Facebook announced it’s new messaging intiative.  They’re integrating SMS, Chat, E-mail and (Facebook) Messages.  This is kind of interesting and puts Facebook more in line with what some of the providers offer making Facebook that much more integrated into your daily life.

They are offering everyone an e-mail address, and you’ll be able to communicate with your friends both choosing whatever device or method you want making Facebook the central hub for all your communications.

Facebook does however specifically point out that this new revision is not e-mail and is “modeled after” chat, but it is clear that this headed that direction.  They also mention that this will put your personal messages on more importance as opposed to grouping your personal messages along with all the other daily e-mail you receive (online bills, newsletters, etc).

Facebook messages will be rolled out slowly over the next few months to everyone Facebook, you will receive an invitation to accept the new setup.

We would like to point out that the idea of integrating your regular e-mail with Facebook is concerning, not so much because of the “big brother” concept but rather the numerous privacy concerns and hacking with Facebook and how much information is distributed to Facebook applications.  We actively work with Facebook and web sites, and we’re always surprised at how much information we can gather on the back side of things legitimately.  It would be interesting to know how Facebook will use messaging to sell ad space and what kinds of information will be provide to apps.  We’ll be following this for sure.

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