Why You Should Be Using Pinterest For Your Business

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Pinterest is a visual social media site that allows people to collect and organize photos, articles, recipes and other forms of content according to specific areas of interest.  It’s best described as an online scrapbook.  Pinterest Board member Jeremy Levine characterizes it as “a place where people collect or talk about or think about things they want to do in real life.”

You collect photos by “pinning” them to online Boards, which can be shared by repining them on other people’s Boards.  Your boards are where your Pins are, so name them in a creative and unique way.  Pinterest suggests you should set your boards up like you would a window display.  You want them to appeal to your target audience and also keep them coming back for more.  If your business involves different types of services or products, you could categorize them into different Boards for easier navigation.

Images posted on Pinterest should be linked to your website resulting in an increase in website traffic and awareness of your brand.  Best part is that you are engaging consumers who have already indicated a likelihood to purchase a product, you can use Pinterest to increase your sales.  The content or images that people pin most often revolve around things they would like to buy or things they would like to do which usually involves purchasing something.  Pinterest is about tasks, activities, even lifestyles.  You may sell a few products in a category, but the idea is to drive “Pinners” to purchase by showing them how your product is a part of their desire.

Pinterest does not automatically add a link to your pin if you manually upload it.  Get the most out of pins from your own site by including a link back to the product page, blog post, etc.  Share the love and pin from a variety of sources, not just your own site.  You can also connect your Pinterest followers with your Facebook and Twitter content, simply by signing in with either of those two networks.

It only takes a few moments to create your Pinterest business account.  Now lets get pinning!

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