The Dark Side of SEO – Link Building


The Dark Side of SEO – Link Building

In the world of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, we have distinct tactics to follow.  Rules and guidelines are established to provide a useful, relevant and safe atmosphere and to ensure the quality of the user experience.  Ranking high on search engines requires keeping up with the current and the ever-changing SEO trends and constantly adjusting and evolving your approach to accommodate new algorithm updates.  Just remember, SEO isn’t only about keyword frequency, it’s also how the web site is coded, who, what and where is linking to you and so much more.

Black Hat SEO

On the other side, the dark side of SEO, there are people who try to outsmart or manipulate search engines and bring organic traffic to their web sites without following any rules, breaking most of them instead.  Hidden or tiny text, cloaking, blog comment spam and paid links are examples of bad SEO.  This practice is also called Black Hat SEO.

Paid Links

Buying links for SEO…  This is a crafty one, you can’t help but admire the person who first realized they could do this.  First of all, it’s easy.  Once a transaction is done, there is no need to bother with the quality of the content.  Secondly, the anchor text, a strong Google ranking factor, is also sometimes chosen according to the customer’s preferences.  These two reasons are enough to manipulate search engine rankings, which is why it is classified as a major black hat.

Relevancy is Crucial

If you have a web site that sells car parts, and you have hundreds of links from web sites that sells clothes, it just makes no sense.  Google’s algorithm can determine if a backlink is relevant or irrelevant.  If it’s easy to build a backlink to your web site, it means it does not carry much value.  The harder it is for you to earn it, the more valuable it is!  Google frowns upon and could untimely punish your site’s rankings for any type of backlink that intends to manipulate search engine results.

Black hat techniques are quite risky to practice because they are usually detected sooner or later.  At best, they may help your rankings in the short term (though this is far from assured).  The worst, you’ll end up with a penalty and a significant loss in traffic and revenue, which in turn will cost you more in the end.

An SEO Company that Works for You

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