It’s All In The Code

On the outside, DIY web building solutions advertise having lots of choices, great looks, and easy operation (some of which are actually true). Sadly, until you buy in, do you discover the limitations and lackluster of a site made with a DIY builder.

Under The Hood

Behind the scenes, these websites crafted with DIY builders are riddled with massive code bases in an effort to support anything you may throw at it in terms of content on your website. This often means more errors, slower page load speeds, and an underperforming user experience.

Using a DIY website builder often means you have a lot of control over virtually endless options available to you…

This may sound great, but what if you don’t need those “endless” options? Unfortunately, you can’t just disable these options and have them disappear into outer space. They are still there whether you utilize them or not and impact your websites performance greatly.

Your Website Won’t Optimally Be Branded

Is this really that big of an issue? If you are a business interested in standing apart from your competitors, then YES! You can’t rely on a DIY solution long term. In the end, someone will have something too similar and your customers may take notice. This makes your brand less impactful and might even deter your current customers from purchasing from you again. Don’t give anyone a reason to do so.

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