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Does your business need to include video as part of its Content, Social and Digital Marketing campaigns?  — YES!!  Visual marketing is an integral part of any Digital Marketer’s marketing arsenal. The reason being is because of its effectiveness.  Whilst images help dramatically, it’s thought that video can have a significant boost in interaction, action and usability.Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a huge increase in demand for video production, mostly for the benefit of improving our clients’ websites and with the intention of increasing the growth rate of website visitors.  We feel that this will become an even bigger trend in the next few years, and that video will progressively become the way of communicating key messages to customers and clients.  While viewing the facts below, this becomes even more apparent:90% of online consumers report that a business’

A CTA or Call to Action, is the part of your website that tells your intended audience what they should be doing once they found your website.  A Call to Action can be a mild request like “Click Here” or “Watch This Video”, or much more demanding as “Buy Now” or “Purchase Here”.  No matter how inventive we get it still boils down to one request, telling people what to do next.Having an effective CTA is a crucial part of every website.  Every website should be built with an objective it wants users to complete, whether its filing out a contact form, signing up for a newsletter or taking advantage of a promotional offer.  Every business faces the painful reality that users are inpatient and reluctant to take the next step.  The CTA is your chance to give your reader

 SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in search engine (ei: Google, Yahoo, Bing) results.  SEO includes both the technical and creative elements required to boost rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines.SEO isn’t only about keyword frequency, it’s also how the web site is coded, who, what and where is linking to you and so much more.  The search engines update their algorithms (or search rules) all the time, as that criteria changes your web site needs to change as well.Every client is different, every web site is different and every audience is different.  Search engine algorithms change regularly, so the tactics that worked last year or even last month may not work anymore.  Also, be patient.  SEO isn’t about instant gratification.  Partner with a SEO company you trust and commit

Lately we have been noticing more and more people are asking us “What is Mobile Compatibility?” or “Can you explain to me what Responsive Design is?” Our answer is always “Yes!”Simply put… Mobile Compatibility is how a person views a web site from a mobile device, such as a smart phone or tablet. While your web site might work just fine on your Desktop or Personal Computer, if you bring it up on a smaller screen, like on your smart phone or tablet it’s a different story. Your potential customer might encounter tiny fonts that they have to zoom in and out on to read, drop down menus that don’t work right, or a flash file no longer supported that won’t work, just to name a few.Responsive Design is a phrase we are all hearing a lot about lately… But

If you follow any of the big blogger/news sites or any tech sites, you've probably seen articles mentioning newer technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 or Webkit.  Adobe Flash is going away, they've stopped releasing updates, iOS and Android Chrome don't even support it, so we're moving in a new direction.  HTML is the language that all basically all web sites/pages are constructed upon, it's the code that explains what is on the page, where it goes, what type of information it is, where to place images, etc.  CSS is a language that accompanies HTML and it tells the web browser how to make the HTML look (what fonts to use, how things are colored, if there are borders, etc).  The latest two languages of these combined give us the ability to make breathtaking web pages that render fast and don't

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