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I got asked this question today, so I thought I would answer here for everyone.The question was "What is the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission?"Search Engine Submission is simply informing the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, Jayde, etc) that your site exists and then they will "Crawl" your web site and begin to list the pages in it's database.Search Engine Optimization is when your site's content, HTML structure, link popularity and other factors are reviewed and then adjusted accordingly to make sure you are popping up as high as possible under the various search terms someone would look your business up under.Happy Webbing.

So you want to put some photos on your web site, good idea, and I reccomend it to anyone who has photos of their product or service being performed or used, photos of the staff and company events.  Placing poor quality or simply bad pictures can make your organization look cheesy and unprofessional.Here's some tips though:Avoid using photos with a automatic time/date stamp from your digital camera Make sure the lighting is right Touch up the photos first, remove red eye Do not use scanned photos Make sure you have authorization from the folks in the photo, since your web site is an advertisement some people may not want to be listed, even if they frequent your business.  This is especially true for minors. Do not use multiple variations of the same shot Don't use too many or too few photos, you're better off having lesser

Lately we've really been picking up steam, and it seems to be because of the economic downturn.  Times like this in our economy force us to re-examine ourselves and take a closer look at where our dollars are going.  In this day in age businesses and people are always trying to find the most efficient ways to communicate with their clientele.  Now with Text Messaging, E-mail Newsletters, Blogs, Direct Mail, Commercials, FaceBook, Twitter, etc.  There is an endless stream of communication to tap into, the advertising people call this the media or marketing mix.  Take a look at your business, but more importantly take a look at your clients, what do they expect?  What do they use?  What do they want?  What is your competition doing?  Are you still current and relevant to your customers like you once were?  Maybe

Over the course of this year I have noticed a trend, people are starting to use content from other sites to write their own.  When I ask about the content's source, the answer is always the same "There is so much out there, why re-invent the wheel?"  That is a fair thought track, however there's a big problem

I'm constantly telling people that they need to keep up on their blogs, and keep their web sites up to date with fresh and new content.  Well, I've been so wrapped up in my customer projects I have neglected my own web site.Many people have reminded me recently that I need to update, and of course all the e-mail asking for an update on the blog.  Well here it is!The title of this post is Focus.  The focus of your web site should be the content, all too often people spend extraordinary amounts of time refining every little graphic detail, selecting the best fonts and then when it comes to content they write whatever they need to shut me up and get their site done.  Folks, thats not the way it works.  Content is king!  The focus of your web

Well folks, there is a new war of the web, a new browser war has started. The introduction of Google's Chrome has a lot of people scared, and rightfully so. Google is a juggernaut on the web and holds some serious stock power onWall street. Just days ago they announced the beta release of their new web browser entitled Chrome, which has so far been received with great fanfare. We've downloaded it here at QC Total Tech, it boasts a large web page viewing area, a sleek design and faster performance. I've been a big fan of FireFox, but just after using Chrome for a few minutes I found myself seeing FireFox as clunkyWhat's interesting is just days before Chrome's release Mozilla announced Ubiquity, which is a great new communication software that within time could replace Thunderbird and rival Outlook.

I'm a web site designer and I talk to a lot of people every week about new web sites. I used to partner with an advertising agency who resold sites I built and usually designed. This ad firm like many agencies and web site design studios out there put their focus on the wrong thing.  They focus almost exclusively on how the web site looks instead of what the web site does.  It is just the same as dating, looks only get you so far but its the inside that matters.  Having a great attention capturing front page is vital to your site, but there is so much more to it

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