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Social Media Marketing

Getting Social

By now you’ve heard the phrases “Social Media” and “Social Media Marketing” (SMM) a million times over.  How does Social Media affect your business?  How do your clients use Social Media?  How do you reach your clients with Social Media?   Those can be some very tough questions to answer and that’s where we come in.

Various Social Media platforms aren’t necessarily beneficial for every business out there.  We’re not in the business of pushing services off on you that you’re just going to cancel in three months, we only suggest things that we believe are actually beneficial to you and your business.

Using social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram requires more than just setting up a fan page and posting some funny pictures.  It takes strategy, original content and frequent updates.   Here at QC Total Tech we provide the Quad Cities premier Social Media service by helping you create a strategy to reach your customers and stay in contact with them with fresh original content on a regular basis.

Tackling The Negative

There is also the nasty side of Social Media, if somebody has a bad experience with your business they don’t just tell their friends, these days they post an updated to Facebook and instantly let their hundreds friends know.  Staying on top of those negative issues and publicly rectifying situations is key in today’s market place, we too can help with online reputation management.

Let Us Help

Managing a social network can be hard, that’s why we’ve developed solid strategies that allow us to formulate a plan for any business in any almost industry to help you stay in touch with your customer base.   We ask questions, you talk, we listen.  We create goal based strategies with results we can measure, this allows us to build a very effective road map that allows your business to connect with your customer base in real-time and in a fresh cutting edge way.

If you want to start reaching your customers in a great new way and improve loyalty call us today and see if we fit together.     Just give us a call at (563) 823-1114.

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