Search Engine Optimization

SEO Is A Must

What good is a web site if nobody can find it?  These days there’s more to building a web site than just making it look cool and sound great, it has to be found…which is more difficult than ever.  The search engines update their algorithms (or search rules) all the time, as that criteria changes your web site needs to change as well.  Search engine optimization isn’t just about keyword density, it’s also how the web site is coded, who and what is linking to you and more.

Leading The Way

We here at QC Total Tech are the leading search engine optimization firm in the Quad Cities, it’s one of our core offerings and of course, we think we’re the best.   Our SEO strategies have been developed and refined using industry proven methods and our own experience.  Every client is different, every web site is different and every audience is different.  We don’t believe in cookie-cutter strategies, because quite honestly it doesn’t work.  Our methods require a bit more time from our clients, but it works.

Get Ahead Of The Rest

If you’re serious about getting “to the top of Google” and you want the benefits that come along with it, you need a partner that is willing to take the time to review your web site, understand your business and your clients.  When selecting a firm to help out with your search engine optimization, ask them what they know about your business, and your audience…if they can’t answer those questions…they’re doing it wrong.

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