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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Do You Want To Be #1 on Google?

What good is a web site if nobody can find it?  In 2020, having a web site is just the start, you need to be on the search engines, social media, etc.  The search engines, in particular, abide by their own rules and update their algorithms almost constantly, as that criteria changes your web site needs to change as well.  Search engine optimization isn’t just about keyword density, it’s also how the web site is coded, its speed and much more.   We understand the nuances Google looks for and also performs regular internal testing to stay on top of the ever changing landscape of search engine optimization.   The strategy is what allows your business to rise to the top of the search engine rankings.

Beyond SEO

Recent changes to the Google Search Result pages mean that SEO is no longer enough, the top 4 positions and bottom 2 positions are paid “spots” on almost every search.   What this means for you is…if someone searches for your industry they have to scroll past the first 4 listings, then the Map to get to organic (SEO) listings.   Making Google Ads a critical part of Search Engine Marketing.   We create cost effective ad campaigns that put your business front and center inline with your competition to get more clicks and more sales.

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