August 2017

Cleaning Out the Clutter Apple is taking firmer stand against the “junk” that has grown increasingly prevalent in the app store, including everything from subscription scams, to pirated content, to cheap clones of viral apps. Late last year Apple publicly announced that it would begin to evaluate and clean out “problematic and abandoned apps,” removing over 45,000. Continuing to create a better user experience.   Beyond cleaning out apps that have been found to be problematic or abandoned, Apple has ramped up its efforts to crack down on cloned and templated apps as well.These apps include:Apps that haven’t been updated to support 64bit. Older Apps that are no longer supported or updated. Apps that abided by previous rules, but may not abide by new rules as Apple has updated them.By removing the thousands of clone and spam applications that have clogged

We recently launched an updated site for Performance Learning Center in Davenport, Iowa.  Performance Learning offers private tutoring, mindfulness  and yoga in the classroom, professional development courses and so much more.The new web site features changes to the navigation and increasing the visibility of the courses Performance Learning has to offer, creating a user-friendly browsing experience.  The new website is mobile compatible making browsing from a smart phone or a desk top seamless.We invite you to view the new site for Performance Learning at  

Recently we launched an updated website for The 11th Street Precinct.  In the heart of the East Village of Davenport, Iowa, The 11th Street Precinct has been a true Quad Cities institution for over 30 years.  After completing a major renovation of their entire building, menu and beer garden, the owner was looking for a more modern way to showcase their food, drinks and entertainment.The new website includes changes to navigation and increasing the visibility of everything 11th Street has to offer, creating a user-friendly browsing experience whether viewing from your computer at home or your smart phone on the go.  Amongst the new features the site contains a list of our Music and Events and also integrated social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, etc., to foster improved communication with customers.We invite you to view The 11th Street Precincts' fresh, new

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