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Koehler Electric came to QC Total Tech with a simple need, take their current website, update some of the content and provide an entirely new look with a focus on equal optimization between mobile and desktop.   We developed an entirely new website that used some visual elements that have been long-standing fixtures for Koehler on a content management system platform.   The end result is a bold, easy to browse web site that focuses on Koehler Electric's amazing customer service and unique scalable capabilities. Check out Koehler Electric by visiting  

We just launched our second web site for Nature's Treatment, the marijuana dispensary in Milan, Illinois.   Nature's Treatment was one of the first dispensaries in Illinois to provide medical marijuana products, now that the laws in Illinois have changed they recently began selling recreational products as well.   With the change of consumers it was time for a re-design, NTI once again returned to QC Total Tech and we redesigned the entire web site with an equal focus on their two similar, yet very different audience groups (medical and recreational).   The new web site is fast, easy to use and focuses on providing an education to consumers to help them navigate the legalities and new product offerings. You can visit NTI's new web site today at

In the wake of recent events with the COVID19 outbreak we wanted to communicate with you how we are handling this. We are taking this outbreak seriously. For now, unless otherwise directed, our business will remain open and available. We have cancelled all in person meetings, and we ask that you please do not stop by our office unexpectedly, most matters can be handled by phone and e-mail. We thank you for your cooperation during this time.

We just launched the very first web site for the new business 3D Power Clean.   Specializing in heat treated pressure washing, 3D Power Clean provides environmentally friendly commercial grade cleaning solutions for commercial and residential customers. Check out 3D Power Clean's first web site today by visiting

We just launched a new web site for the Living History Re-enactment Association in St Louis, Missouri.   LHRA had some technical issues with a previous site and needed someone to take it over in a stable manner.   We rebuilt the LHRA site from the ground up including an entirely new design.   The end result is a responsive, organized web site that showcases the unique offerings of the LHRA and information for it's members across America. More about LHRA: "The LHRA, Inc. is an organization that uses public battle reenactments, public and private displays of military memorabilia, uniforms, equipment and vehicles to not only honor Veteran’s of all wars, but to educate the public about the history behind these events.  The LHRA participates in parades, air shows, media projects, documentaries, movies, battle reenactments, classroom teachings, etc.  The LHRA is also

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