May 2013

It's pretty simple really, boredom doesn't sell, nobody gets excited about reading an article or watching a video that is boring and long winded.  If you want to keep your customers engaged then make what you do clear, concise and interesting.  This applies to everything from the design aesthetics of the material to the content it contains.  Avoid using technical terms and inside jargon if possible.    When possible, humor is great at getting the attention of your viewers, people will watch something if its funny and captures their interest.  Take a look at the new KMart ads (Ship Your Pants and Big Gas Savings), yes they are borderline vulgar and its getting them a lot of attention, but it works.  I'm not suggesting you go out and make a series of crude or vulgar videos, but humor (and in

If you follow any of the big blogger/news sites or any tech sites, you've probably seen articles mentioning newer technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 or Webkit.  Adobe Flash is going away, they've stopped releasing updates, iOS and Android Chrome don't even support it, so we're moving in a new direction.  HTML is the language that all basically all web sites/pages are constructed upon, it's the code that explains what is on the page, where it goes, what type of information it is, where to place images, etc.  CSS is a language that accompanies HTML and it tells the web browser how to make the HTML look (what fonts to use, how things are colored, if there are borders, etc).  The latest two languages of these combined give us the ability to make breathtaking web pages that render fast and don't

  Today we launched a brand new web site for WRS Construction aka The Deck Doctors.  WRS Construction is a full service home repair, remodeling and construction firm.  WRS does everything from repairing a door knob to building an entire house.  When WRS contacted us they had a need for a dual branded web site that showcased all their offerings, was compatible with mobile devices and looked fantastic.  We delivered a responsive web site that showcased off both brands and utilizes a CMS (allowing them to self update). You can check out the WRS new web site today by visting

We are pleased to announce a brand new service offering, Mobile App Design!  We've worked very hard developing this fantastic new service that is so affordable.  We have known for a while that a mobile app design was a gaping hole in what we provide.  So we decided it was time to put the wheels in motion and pack our toolbox with awesome new tools that allow us to keep your customers engaged in a bold new way.  You no longer have to be major corporation with a full-time dedicated staff and an unlimited budget to stay competitive.  So as of today our mobile app design service is fully operational! Yes its true not every business needs a mobile app, and we understand that, but many of you do, and what's more

Quite frequently I see business web sites, blogs and social media profiles (i.e. Facebook) where the business mentions an article or a page on a web site that is not their own.  I disagree with this methodology because, you want your customers listening to you.  I know you probably think you're helping out your clientele/fans by sharing this great information you found, but all you're doing is pushing them to other sources where they may end up stumbling upon a competitor or they simply don't begin to see you as "the expert" anymore.  You want your customers seeing you as the authority in your field and you want them using your Facebook page, your site, blog, etc to learn about your business and industry.  On the flip side, its unreasonable for most small businesses to be the end all be

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