Stop Pushing People Away!

Quite frequently I see business web sites, blogs and social media profiles (i.e. Facebook) where the business mentions an article or a page on a web site that is not their own.  I disagree with this methodology because, you want your customers listening to you.  I know you probably think you’re helping out your clientele/fans by sharing this great information you found, but all you’re doing is pushing them to other sources where they may end up stumbling upon a competitor or they simply don’t begin to see you as “the expert” anymore.  You want your customers seeing you as the authority in your field and you want them using your Facebook page, your site, blog, etc to learn about your business and industry.  On the flip side, its unreasonable for most small businesses to be the end all be all source of knowledge about their industry to their clients, so you just have to pick a few topics you want to write about and stick with that.  Remember, your customers liked your page, subscribed to your mailing list, etc because they want to hear from you, not other web sites and magazines.

Happy Webbing.

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