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AOL is still alive, they've released a smart phone app for android on their newly revamped mobile site. Does anyone really still use AOL?  We're as surprised as you are.  Over a decade ago AOL was number 1, they missed the boat when they didn't strive to take their dial-up GUI interface to a total web based solution that could have been bigger than FaceBook.  Anyway, we just found it amusing they're still out there and trying to make it work. It looks like AOL is taking the route that Sega did.  For years Sega was known as a game console/software company, and then later just turned to software.  Now they make a great slew of games for multiple platforms, primarily Wii.  I think AOL is smart in taking this route.  In this industry you have to adapt, you have to be

As some of you may have noticed.  Yahoo! officially announced yesterday that they are no longer allowing no accounts for GeoCities the free online hosting and site building service. This folks marks the end of an era, one of the last relics of a all but forgotten time of the 1990's .com boom.  I remember back in the day when the web was riddled with thousands of ransom note pages on GeoCities, AOL Member pages and so-on.  Virtually every ISP and host out there offered member page hosting.  Which usually amounted to a URL of and you had about 10 to 20 MBs of space to do and say whatever you wanted.  Oh the sense of empowerment, I remember using tools such as RoboHTML,HoTMetaL and FrontPage to create my very first web site.  But that was nearly a decade and

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