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Photos on Your Web Site

So you want to put some photos on your web site, good idea, and I reccomend it to anyone who has photos of their product or service being performed or used, photos of the staff and company events.  Placing poor quality or simply bad pictures can make your organization look cheesy and unprofessional.

Here’s some tips though:

  • Avoid using photos with a automatic time/date stamp from your digital camera
  • Make sure the lighting is right
  • Touch up the photos first, remove red eye
  • Do not use scanned photos
  • Make sure you have authorization from the folks in the photo, since your web site is an advertisement some people may not want to be listed, even if they frequent your business.  This is especially true for minors.
  • Do not use multiple variations of the same shot
  • Don’t use too many or too few photos, you’re better off having lesser photos that are better quality

The bottom line: use common sense and good judgment with your photo usage, not every photo you take is worth being your web site.  Would you place every photo on your building, brochures or TV commercials?  It’s the same thing.

Happy Webbing.

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