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Microsoft AdCenter

You may be noticing more Microsoft AdCenter advertisements, offers, e-mails and even discounts through your Registrar now with Microsoft AdCenter.  Most people don’t realize what Microsoft AdCenter is.  Microsoft AdCenter is essentially their all encompassing ad management service, it displays ads on all their outlets (mainly MSNBC, Bing and Live Today, etc).  Is it worth advertising on, if you have a large online budget, sure.  If you don’t have a large online budget, then you should probably skip it entirely.  Microsoft has such a small online market share that its really not worth spending your money on.  I’ve never been a huge fan of pay per click (PPC) advertising, because unless you have thousands to chuck at it every month its a real gamble.  That is not to say that spending $100 per month Google AdWords is a waste of time and money.

Microsoft bought like three different companies a few years back, slapped their stuff together and called it Microsoft AdCenter, but its online so it should work.  I’m always skeptical of Microsoft’s products, they always look really nice, integrate with everything else they do, sound amazing.  But, in the end, they’re riddled with problems and are very limited in scope.

So, for the majority of you that read my blog, Microsoft AdCenter is probably not for you.

Happy Webbing.

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