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January 2011

One of the things that I hear a lot and experience myself is poor feedback from a client.  When you are in the process of any kind of design there will always be feedback and its not always positive.  The client will always have things they want to change, and its our job as the designer to make a marketable, pleasing web site, its also our job to make a web site the person writing the check is happy with.  We have to make sure that not only will the web site accomplish our business and marketing goals, but also is something the customer is happy with. When giving feedback to your web designer it is important to be specific on both what you like/dislike and what it is that you have a concern with. Here is an example of what I

I've been reading some things lately that talk about how Microsoft is partnering with companies that run fun little web sites.  These web sites are top advertisers on Facebook.  When you visit these fun little web sites they download an app and set your default search engine to Bing.  Is it legal? Sure.  Clever? Yes.  Ethical? Nah. Just something to keep in mind when you see these Bing ads.

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