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Why Facebook Pisses Me Off

FacebookHere at QC Total Tech one of our core strengths is Social Media Marketing, we focus heavily on this to promote ourselves and our clients.  So, naturally we use the mother of all social networks, Facebook.  However lately, its become more of a necessary evil than just plain necessary.   Now, don’t get me wrong I like using Facebook its a great way to connect with friends and family, especially if live out of your area.   But lately, it feels like Facebook is slipping.  Recently we’ve begun working with a client on promoting their business VIA social media.  They have a brick and mortar store front so we set them up with a Facebook fan page among other networks and profiles then we tried to “claim” their Facebook fan page.  Now, if you have ever claimed a Facebook “place” before you know that this is generally a pretty simple process.  Claim the page, check some boxes and then wait for Facebook to call you and give you a PIN, you enter the PIN and voila you now have control over that places page.  But, what happens when the process doesn’t work right and they for some reason can’t call you?  Your first step would be to contact Facebook and ask for help or maybe thats after you’ve looked into some forums.  Wrong, you can’t contact Facebook.

So, here’s why Facebook pisses me off

  • Complete lack of technical support when real issues arise
  • Their online help resources are deeply categorized and with very little information.
  • No way to contact Facebook  by e-mail or phone
  • No case or issue tracking, you have no idea when you’ll actually get a response from their online form
  • Lack of consistency, none of their features work the same or are labeled the same
  • Their mobile apps don’t function the same, they all have different features and they still don’t make one that works with Android 3.0 (tablets)

In short, I think that Facebook might be outgrowing themselves, as a developer its obvious when I look at their documentation and features that there is no clear sense of direction amongst their development teams and projects.  They need to get their act together or these problems will snow ball and they’ll eventually lose out to something else that comes along and actually works and has support.  I don’t know what that something is, but it might be Google they don’t keep you running in Circles.

Happy Webbing

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