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January 2012

You may read the phrase "call to action" fairly often on this blog and if already work with us then you know we use that term quite a bit.  But what is "call to action"?  A call to action or CTA, is something that moves a prospect from one step of the sales process to the next.  Here on the web this might be something as simple as a button or a sentence.  All the pages (not blog posts) on this web site have a call to action on them, its a simple sentence at the end of every page telling the person to call us and we give them our phone number. We have found with our sales process that the best thing is for people to call us and then we like to meet in person.  Some businesses may

A couple weeks back we launched some updates to Molyneaux Insurance.  The updates for Molyneaux included some enhanced call to action features, a new front page and revised search engine optimization.  Here we are just two weeks later and we're already seeing movement on Google, for certain search phrases that they were five or six pages back on Google (which is no man's land) they are now on the front page of the search results!  The folks at Molyneaux have made the smart decision to enroll in our search engine optimization program, this is an on-going service where we will continually perform site updates and other SEO tactics to continue to move Molyneaux up the ranks in Google for all the necessary search phrases.  We worked closely with Molyenaux to identify the phrases people might be using to seek out

More and more, mobile devices are starting to dominate.  Smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the mainstay. In Apple's Q1 earnings call, reports Apple sold 7.33 million iPads and 16.24 million iPhones.  Apple predicts the tablet will soon replace the home computer.   It makes a lot of sense, mobile devices are fun, they are fast and are relatively affordable compared to a computer.  How often do you use a phone or tablet to surf the web?  Its always nice to view a web site that has been optimized specifically for a phone or tablet.  Why wouldn't your web site also have those optimizations and goals? Except for certain circumstances we, as an industry, have been operating under the model that the desktop (or full size) site is primary then mobile is secondary.  Now, with the advent of mobile

UPDATE (1/30/2012 1:00 pm CST)  We just learned from an official source that Magic Cyclops' performance on American Idol had nothing to do with B100.  Magic Cyclops created the character "Magic Cyclops" himself without any contribution from B100.   Our information was based on B100's Facebook post and a local newspaper article, we saw the results of their effort and decided to write this marketing commentary.  Again, at the time this article was written we were under the impression based on information provided by B100 that they in fact did have a relationship with Magic Cyclops and had an active part in his performance on American Idol.  We never had any intention of somehow causing problems for Magic Cyclops by affiliating him with B100 and the information they provided stating that is was not a real audition.  We extend our

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