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FacebookOn July 28, 2010 Facebook announced a new feature entitled “Facebook Questions”, at the time of this article it is currently in Beta.  The goal of Facebook Questions is to create a search engine similar to but gets its answers from the community of users, similar to the way data is gathered on Wikipedia.  So it’s a search engine, it’s a social network, it’s a Q&A.

You’ll be able to ask any question you want, post photos, polls and get answers…fast.  This is a very unique approach to finding data on the web.  Wow, guess this cold war type battle between Facebook and the search engines is just beginning.  Imagine Facebook becoming your dashboard for the web, directing you to anywhere you want to go on the Internet, pretty crazy idea right?  Not so much, just think about the possibilities, you already get updates from local news, businesses and products…so why find the answers to well…everything else?

What a great idea. Facebook has a lot reasons for you stay on their site, we think with the unprecedented growth of Facebook and the slow decline of search engine traffic this is a hot ticket.  Time to keep up on your social media interaction and your Facebook fan pages!  If you’re not socially integrate, your brand will surely erode, its what the customers want these days.  Our job is to keep up and deliver.

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  • August 30, 2010

    when people visit my page on facebook the video and photo and other tabe is not visible the cant see i change the setting of the application and privacy and album and i use help center nothing work pleas if some know contact me .


  • September 2, 2010

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    I like the way things get done at this website….

  • September 5, 2010

    I can’t share photos on the groups or on my friends wall when I’m uploading a photo this sentence appear to me (An error occured while processing this upload.) I thought that the problem in my computer but my family using the same computer and they can share… the problem with my account what I can do???

  • September 6, 2010

    I got my facebook like a week ago and when i press profile it goes to my info not my wall! I filled out all the information but it still takes me there as a default…how do i fix it, and did this happen to anyone else?

  • September 7, 2010

    does anyone know how to remove urself from a game

  • September 9, 2010

    When I gonna send friendship request request someone it says,
    “Do you know this user personally? To prevent misuse of Facebook, this request can’t be sent. To learn more, please visit the Help Center.”

    HELP ME!!

    • September 19, 2010

      This usually happens when you have sent too many friend requests at once. Your account becomes frozen for a certain time when you can’t send requests anymore.
      You’ll then have to wait a few days before being able to send Friend requests again.
      Visit the Help Center for more info.

  • September 15, 2010


  • September 16, 2010

    what is my username on facebook, I’ve tried my name and my email address but niether of those work!

  • September 16, 2010

    My sisters and I both chat regularly on FB. My sister Lisa only has a desktop PC that supports Internet Explorer 6 and FB just sent her a message stating that FB chat no longer supports IE 6 and she’d have to upgrade to IE 8. She uses an older computer and is on a fixed disability income so can’t afford to get a new computer. I’d like to thank FB for making her very upset that she can no longer chat with her friends. You should be very proud of yourselves. Not everyone can afford new computers, y’know!!!!

  • September 19, 2010

    I am creator of my facebook group. My group member list of names does not match up to the member count shown. I can find 1 name not on the list if I search but there is no button to remove her. I have no idea who the other “ghost” member is.

  • September 20, 2010

    some time ago I changed my preference for what should appear as fav choice when an app ask you to post something on wall, choices are:all,friends of friends,just friends,custom..
    Now I want to change that setting but I cant find it anymore anywhere.
    Please send me the directions to do it.
    thank you very much for your help

  • September 20, 2010

    Hello, I had my facebook deactivated for a bit. But I just reactivated and I can’t see my profile pictures. However, when I click my albums, there is a album that says “Profile Archive Album” that has all of my profile pictures in it. However, there is also another album called “Profile Pictures” that is empty. When people click my profile album, they can’t see any of my pictures. How do I get them back and why do I have two profile albums. Although, I upload a picture to the new profile album, it still says “this albums has no photos”. How do I fix this problem. my e-mail is I really want my old profile album back and running with my comments.


  • September 22, 2010


    hi, why can’t i edit my personal message box, under my display picture?

  • September 30, 2010

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