We Need To Talk “Words”

What good is a site if no one can find it?

Ever since the creation of search engines, clever web masters have been tinkering away at finding the best ways to get their sites ranked higher.  In turn increasing traffic and visibility.  It’s a race to the top, and as in any kind of competition there are things you can do to boost your chances of “winning.”

Never Ending Dilemma 

A constant dilemma for web designers is to develop web pages that appeal to both visitors and the search engines.  The dilemma is search engines love simple pages with lots of content.  Real people like pages with animation, graphics and lots of special effects – the very same elements search engines cannot crawl and index.

Avoid the Google Penalty Box

Anyone entering the world of search engine optimization certainly will learn pretty quickly about different neat tricks of the trade.  Some of these practices are legitimate (…in the eyes of Google) and will not result in a penalty or outright ban from the search engines.  But others – known in the trade as ‘black hat’ – are questionable at best these days.

Being Sneaky

One of the ways Search Engine Optimizers used to get around this was to create text that is invisible or hidden.  Beware, with today’s more sophisticated search engines, this can be construed as keyword stuffing and get you in trouble.

We often talk about “hidden text,” but in reality what is hidden text?  Hidden text is also known as “invisible text” or “fake text.”  Hidden text is often used for spamming the search engines. But many smart search engines, such as Google can detect the use of hidden text.

They Will Find Out

This tactic is hard for a computer to detect, but with careful review by someone will certainly reveal it.  It’s best to avoid this or any other tactics designed to hide text from visitors but make it viewable by the search engine spiders.  While the search engine spiders may not be able to catch everything, a manual review of your site’s source code certainly will… so take our word for it, be careful by not using ‘black hat’ SEO tricks.

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