SEO – Technical Crawlability for Search Engines

Technical Crawlability for Search Engines

Nothing’s more frustrating than seeing the competition outrank your web site.  Even more annoying may be that you don’t fully understand how they did it…. right?

The infrastructure of web sites is technical and needs to provide the information Search Engines are looking for when analyzing (or crawling) a site.  These “technicalities” may be passive or active depending on the actions taken by the web site designer.

Passive Actions

Passive actions are about how a web site provides information to Search Engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) when they index the pages of the site.  Examples of passive tactics are:  providing a content site map (usually an XML file) for Search Engines to efficiently understand what content they need to index, and making sure there are no missing pages or broken links.

Active Actions

Active actions are about the initiatives the web site designer takes to notify Search Engines of changes made to the site.  Some active tactics are:  alerting Search Engines when new content has been added or updated, and connecting the website to the Search Engine’s Webmaster tools to monitor the SEO balance.

Search Result Impact

If a web site is not optimized to be analyzed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., all the efforts in producing compelling content and creating beautiful images for the web site will be hindered because Search Engines won’t be able to index the website properly.  A poorly indexed web site will dramatically impact search rankings.

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