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A while back, the Google webmaster team announced they would start ranking web sites based on Page Loading Time.

Page Speed Matters to Google

Apart from other criteria like the Title Tag, META Description, etc, Google will also consider page load time as one of the biggest factors for your website’s search engine ranking.

According to Google if pages have a loading time of more than one second it damages the user experience.  Google admits that a one second page load time is their overall goal and base it off each page of your site  

What Can Lower Your Page Speed?Some examples that may affect overall web page performance:

    • Server performance
    • Lots of traffic
    • Extra large images (and complex file formats)
    • Code density
    • Text graphics
    • Etc…

Page Speed Matters to Visitors

If a site loads fast, people will spend more time on your website, as they will have a positive experience (of course other elements also need to be considered to offer the best experience possible).  It is not a secret that a positive user experience often leads to better conversions.

A fast website creates a good user experience in different ways, for example:

    • If you sell a product, having “fast” pages will help your visitors quickly understand what you have to offer and complete your order forms.
    • If you generate revenues thanks to advertising on your content, a fast website will ease your visitors into navigating from page to page and will increase your total page views per user.

Site speed is clearly a major concern for Google, and one of many factors they are actively monitoring at any given time.  That said, ongoing optimization is a lever you can constantly pull as a site owner, a structured approach to doing so in terms of site speed will pay off handsomely for you and your users down the road.

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