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So the BlackBerry systems are down, they've been down for hours.  I like many, thought it was just my BlackBerry until I talked to my fiance and low and behold hers was flaky too.  So I called Verizon, they told me that it was a "Research In Motion BlackBerry server issue, its been down this morning and they hope to resolve it soon, and there is no ETA". Comforting words, no ETA.  I've been in tech industry for a long time, and whenever no ETA is issued its for one of two reasons.  1.  You don't want to give false expectations and end up creating more problems or 2. You have no idea what the problem is, how you're going to fix and ulitmately how long your unknown fix will take.One thing I have always found that helps ease customer's

As some of you may have noticed.  Yahoo! officially announced yesterday that they are no longer allowing no accounts for GeoCities the free online hosting and site building service.This folks marks the end of an era, one of the last relics of a all but forgotten time of the 1990's .com boom.  I remember back in the day when the web was riddled with thousands of ransom note pages on GeoCities, AOL Member pages and so-on.  Virtually every ISP and host out there offered member page hosting.  Which usually amounted to a URL of and you had about 10 to 20 MBs of space to do and say whatever you wanted.  Oh the sense of empowerment, I remember using tools such as RoboHTML,HoTMetaL and FrontPage to create my very first web site.  But that was nearly a decade and

Just launched John Taylor Salon and Day Spa's brand new web site. Their web site has been completely redesigned and we've added a new online store featuring apparel and cosmetics. Book appointments, design gift certificates, make purchases securely with a credit or debit card in real-time, online order status and more! Check it out today! This web site features the latest in web technology available.

I've been thinking lately about what a web site needs in the most general of senses.  A topic that comes up a lot is the importance of design and functionality, which is greater.  Well, in my opinion, a great design is a given, your site has to look great, but it also has to be easy to use, navigate and be functional, interactive and give your customers/users a reason to use and stay on the web site.You cannot just design a nice looking site, slap on some generic marketing material that we've all read a million times and call it a day. You've got to think about your content, make sure its worded just right and that you're not overwhelming your customers with excessive information.  Your web site in most cases is a call to action and a reference for

We just completed launching a new web site for the First Congregational United Church of Christ in Geneseo, Illinois.  This web site is part of our on-going partnership with the United Church of Christ in providing web sites for their churches in what they refer to as the "Black Hawk Cluster".You can check our their site below at

Blog, blog, blog.  Blog, blog, blog.  All you need is blog.  OK that was admittedly cheesy, but it gets my point across.  Now, that's only partially true, not all you need is a blog, but you definitely need one!  Are you running a web site for your company?  Then you should have a blog.  Stop!  Yes, you should!  Don't argue!  Just hear me out.Everyone says, "I don't have time to update my blog, or write articles, I don't even know where to begin".  Save it.  I don't have time either, but I believe that the blog is a critical part of my customer communication, and I know this from the comments I receive from my clients.  So I take the time to do it.  Blogs are not just for people who like to type or for technical people.  One of

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