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October 2010

So you've got a web site, but you wonder is it doing anything for me? Well, it all depends on how you measure it, as with any form of marketing a web site is hard to measure.  Sure, you can see 1,000 people were on it last week and they came from Google, your vendor, you can see what keywords they used to find you with etc etc.  But, is it actually doing anything for you?  If you do not sell products right online, this is even harder to determine. QC Total Tech, we ourselves have a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel and of course this web site.  We send out weekly e-mail blasts, and are actively promoting the site through referrals, word of mouth etc.   However, it is not very often when someone calls and says hey, I called

We are based out of the Quad Cities (a fairly unique area comprised of about 5 cities, and several outlying smaller towns).  The Quad Cities (or QCA) as it's locally known,  represents just under 400,000 people.  One of the problems with our area is that everything is very fragmented, and because we're several communities all literally butted up against each other and in two different states we end up having unnecessary competition between communities, this creates the problem

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