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War of the Web

Well folks, there is a new war of the web, a new browser war has started. The introduction of Google’s Chrome has a lot of people scared, and rightfully so. Google is a juggernaut on the web and holds some serious stock power onWall street. Just days ago they announced the beta release of their new web browser entitled Chrome, which has so far been received with great fanfare. We’ve downloaded it here at QC Total Tech, it boasts a large web page viewing area, a sleek design and faster performance. I’ve been a big fan of FireFox, but just after using Chrome for a few minutes I found myself seeing FireFox as clunky

What’s interesting is just days before Chrome’s release Mozilla announced Ubiquity, which is a great new communication software that within time could replace Thunderbird and rival Outlook.  You really should check this out if you already haven’t. Just another way for Mozilla start keep their foothold.

These days the name of the game is integration, everyone wants everything at their fingertips.  Honestly, there is no reason that demand can’t be fulfilled either. With the advent of technologies like RSS and services such as Twitter, Digg and Jott its so ‘easy’ to extend the functionality of your web site and applications without re-inventing the wheel.  Microsoft still resists the integration and friendly partnering of 3rd party software for some of its most popular applications (i.e. Microsoft Outlook).

Once again, Google has set the stage by providing highly refined free software thats easy to setup. I’m objective but, I’m always impressed by Google’s offerings.  Why am I always impressed?  Well, probably because their stuff works upon release for the most part.  Even their beta releases are impressive.

My suggestion, download both of these titles and give them a true evaluation, decide for yourself.  Take the market back into your hands and show these gargantuan corporations what capitalism is all about.

We now have a fourth choice for browsers, Mozilla, Apple and Microsoft…catch up dudes.

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