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Is An App Really Better Than A Web Site?

Many companies are getting their own app these days, you may think “I have a web site, that’s good enough”.  While having a website is critical for any business, a mobile app is quickly becoming an integral part of the marketing plan for a lot of companies.   The reason a mobile app is so important is usability, its incredibly convenient to use an app for a business you frequent.  You most likely have an online banking app on your phone, think about how often you swipe open that app, its convenient and quick.  More often than not, in your banking app you may have special offers from them and occasionally “member benefits” giving you special deals with third parties.   This type of marketing does work, and it works well.  It is statistically proven that people who use an app are 200% more likely to purchase than they would if they were using a mobile optimized web site.  With an app you have the advantage of push notifications, the ability to communicate with all your clients and prospects instantly, let them know about a promotion, a new service, etc.   This type of spontaneous communication is invaluable, imagine the possibilities with letting them know about a new product/service and the ability for them to tap a button to purchase or request more info immediately.   Apps are also great for cutting down time with customer service management, use the app to answer questions, provide updated information, allow payments, etc.   With a mobile app you can have it save their login information, making it that much quicker for a client or prospect to interact with your business.  No passwords to remember, no login process…just tap and go.   Web sites are critical, and mobile apps are quickly making their way into that same level of importance…because its what the customer wants.

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