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Microsoft Bing

OK, so I’m sure you’ve heard of Microsoft’s Bing by now.  Bing is the replacement for Live Search which was the replacement for MSN Search.  So essentially is the 3G of Microsoft Search Engines.  Microsoft did not change the way that Bing acquires data/information from the web site it crawls (or scans).  So they’re not really gaining better data or sites, unlike Google who is constantly changing and improving their search techniques.  Instead Microsoft just overhauled the user interface adding a lot of little whizz bang features and made it look a lot prettier than Google.  Naturally Microsoft is trying to themselves apart from Google, they’re doing this by touting Bing as a decision engine instead of a search engine.  I’ve used it and personally I’m not impressed.  So, you don’t need to worry about re-wording your copy and updating your source code, and changing your titles and URLs, because Bing doesn’t handle crawling any differently than its predecessor.  So, its the same old truck with a new body and interior, but the drivetrain, tires and frame all the same.   But who doesn’t like leather and more cup holders!

Happy Webbing.

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