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Whats a Blog?

Yes, I’m writing a blog article on blogs.  I get this question a lot, what is blog? Why do I need one?  If you’ve been following me long enough here you know that my articles in the scope of small businesses and small business owners.  So, this article follows suit.  A blog is great place to give your company or brand a culture, some personality and let people get to know you in ways they normally wouldn’t.  Why is this important?  People are curious, and it builds trust, and it also further places you as an expert in your field.

You can use your blog to vent your thoughts on your industry or market, provide tips and tidbits of knowledge to your avid readers, list promotions and new products or services.

I love writing my blog, I slacked off for a bit, but I’m back to writing 1 new article each day.  Not everyone has to do that, but if your customers are subscribing to your blog VIA RSS feeds through Outlook or otherwise, you’re getting in front of them in avenues you normally wouldn’t.  So take some time, and have fun with your blog, post whatever you want, just make sure its relevant and not redundant.  You want your blog to be your customers one source of information for your industry or business.

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