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FaceBook Privacy

OK, so FaceBook made their huge announcements this week with all their great new features for web sites.  In turn, they also made a lot of information available to any web site that asks.  I’ve seen a lot of posts on FaceBook over the last few hours telling everyone to shut off certain settings regarding personalization.  So, I thought I’d take a second to explain how this works and that you need not worry!

FaceBook does provide information to any web site that asks FaceBook for it, about any person…but its limited.   FaceBook provides demographic data and names, it does not provide contact information, e-mail addresses, etc unless.  A web site can only get information on a person if that person specifically allows that web site to get the information.

The new instant personalization feature simply allows a web site to personalize their web site a bit just for you, they can say “Hi Jason”, without you having to register.

Also, if you want to dig even deeper into the tech side, every Facebook user has an individual ID or serial number, you cannot ask FaceBook for this information unless you have that customer’s ID.  The only good way to get the ID is by that FaceBook user visiting their website while logged into FaceBook.

So you need not worry about identity theft, excess spamming or your e-mail getting attacked.  We’ve been doing a lot of testing with these new features since their announcement and this is a very good thing for the web, don’t let those status posts scare you.  Facebook is keeping you safe.

Happy Webbing!

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