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Blogger’s Block?

Do you have blogger’s block? You just don’t know what to write? Well, believe it or not, that happens to me sometimes too. Sometimes I just scour the web for industry news, or I read blogs on top web sites (such as FaceBook, Google, Yahoo, etc) to see what changes they’re up to. I comment on Government regulations that are announced that affect my business or my clients.

You can also use your Blog as announcement platform for your company, yes you don’t want to plug yourselves too much, buts its OK and expected once in a while. New hires, employee accomplishments, major client account wins, new products and services, new prices, sales, etc.   Another suggestion is to simply write a message about the season or nearby holiday and what that means to your company.  People like to hear things from you and if they’re seeking your type of product or service, they like to see that you’re current and active.  You might also use your blog as a sounding board, if you have a comments feature on your blog, encourage feedback and you’ll be surprised what people have to say.

Last but not least, you don’t need an English teacher to write a blog, they’re suppose to be from the hip and a casual setting. I generally write mine like I’m having a conversation with someone. I like to keep things personal and informal, my industry has enough tech jargon, so I figure why write more?

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