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The Risk of Being Lame and Boring

It is very risky to put out information and promotions that are lame and boring. If you have your own business and that business has a web site then you’re putting out information and it needs to be good.  When you write up a blog post, a web page, flyer, brochure you have to take out what you know and your passion for your industry/business…do you still care about reading it?  Seriously! Think about it, people don’t like reading things that are boring.  You’ve got to pep it up and keep it interesting!  We struggle with this here on this blog, because what we do is very boring to most people…but the end result is cool, fun or sometimes just plain necessary.  Think about the information you’re churning out, people still buy from people.  You can be professional and personal at the same time.  For instance, when I write this blog I like to do it in a very casual manner, because its quicker for me to write and generally speaks a little better than some overly formatted and thought out marketing piece.  I like to educate people and give them the power and tools to do this stuff right. If you put out boring information, nobody will read it and you won’t be doing yourself any good and just waste your time.  Then the next time you send out more information people are much less likely to read it and getting them to care again is harder than the first time around.  There’s nothing like a first impression (cliche, but true).

Another thing to watch out for is lame offers, if your average product is priced $8 to $10 and you give 50 cents off…nobody cares.  Nobody gets excited and tells their friend about a lame offer, but if its a good deal they found…people love to flaunt that and maybe even let their friends in on their little secret they found.

Think about what your customers ask for, what they want and what you get excited about.  What’s your typical customer do outside of work?   Gotta keep it interesting people, seriously, you do or you’ll just end up spitting out droll that nobody cares about.    It might make you look more professional to some, but it won’t keep your customers engaged…and that’s what its all about.

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