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Bing and Yahoo Sitting in a Tree…

Well kids, it starts now.  Yahoo! is going to be incorporating Bing’s search results this week.  By the start of the Christmas season they could be in the full swing of operating together…depending on if all goes well.    They also have plans for the release an integrated advertising portal allowing you to control ads on both search engines.  As of early May, Google traffic was up and Bing/Yahoo! were both down in traffic.  Yahoo and Microsoft formally announced the official beginning of a public transition behind the scenes to integrate the results of Bing into Yahoo.  We’ve seen similar results already last month, but this is the official transition.  No doubt you’ve seen this as well if you’ve been following this whole partnership.

Microsoft has estimated they’ll be providing 31.6% percent of the search engine share once their transition is complete, that represents about 5.2 Billion monthly searches.

Lately Google has been cited for making themselves a priority in their own search, Microsoft has been cited with that as well.  You’re always going to have that, it makes business sense, if you’re going to rely on private companies (which I’m all for) then you have to play by their rules, and you have just deal with it.  If you were running one of the largest services on the planet,    wouldn’t you use that to springboard other products and services?  Of course, you do it now!  Everybody does.  This is going to be an interesting thing to watch, however I still don’t think it means that much unless people start turning away from Google in some sort of mass Exodus.  Google represents about 71% of the world’s search traffic, I think Facebook has a better chance at picking that away than Bing and Yahoo…unless they partner with Facebook and offer an integrated search.  It could happen.  As always, this will be interesting to watch.

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