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You may read the phrase “call to action” fairly often on this blog and if already work with us then you know we use that term quite a bit.  But what is “call to action”?  A call to action or CTA, is something that moves a prospect from one step of the sales process to the next.  Here on the web this might be something as simple as a button or a sentence.  All the pages (not blog posts) on this web site have a call to action on them, its a simple sentence at the end of every page telling the person to call us and we give them our phone number.

We have found with our sales process that the best thing is for people to call us and then we like to meet in person.  Some businesses may do everything VIA online contact forms, or maybe drive the customer in to their store.  If you are running an e-commerce web site the natural CTA would be a “buy now” button of some sort.  Most people assume that they don’t need a CTA because its implied they think “the prospect is on my web site, I don’t need to tell them to call me”.  Yes, you do.   Prospects on the internet may be virgins to your company and don’t understand how you like to be best contacted or what manner suits them best for what they need.  So, it is very important to always include that call to action to take them in the next step of the sales process.  Don’t assume anything, its best to think of your web prospects as children.  Children are ignorant (not stupid), they need things clearly explained to them, they have short attention spans and attracted to pretty shiny things that move.  (Insert Smile).   When you think like this, you provide a better web experience, because your online prospects do need that extra bit of information, they need to be guided and it needs to be simple…and don’t forget fun.  Everyone likes to enjoy what they’re doing.  Some processes are just not fun, you may love your job…but if you’re an accountant or mechanic, your customer doesn’t enjoy your service…no matter how great it is and wonderful you are…they’re doing something that they’d rather not have to do.  So, make it as enjoyable as possible, keep it simple and always guide them along the way.

Happy Webbing.

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