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We Need To Talk “Words”

What good is a site if no one can find it?

Since the beginning of search engines, web developers have been working hard finding the best possible ways to get their search engine rankings higher.  Increasing traffic and visibility as a result.

Never Ending Dilemma 

The hardest part for web designers is to create web pages that please search engines and visitors.  Search engines like simple pages loaded up with content.  You and I enjoy pictures, animation and loads of special effects. The problem is that search engines cannot crawl and index them like they can text.


Being Sneaky

One way SEO specialists used to get around this dilemma was to use hidden or invisible text.  Beware, today’s search engines may look at it as keyword stuffing, which will get your site in trouble.

Even if search engines aren’t able to catch everything, a manual review of your site’s source code certainly will.  If you have been victim to this kind of SEO work, please contact QC Total Tech today or visit to learn more.

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