Search Engine Regulation?

There was an editorial on the New York Times the other day talking about Government regulation of Google’s search results.  The editorial cites possible antitrust issues with Google because they put their own products/services with big priority on the search.  Microsoft ran into this same problem with Windows 95 because they started packaging Internet Explorer right into it.  Microsoft won, because Internet Explorer is still installed on every copy of Windows.    This raises an interesting question in my mind, if you’re too successful and you bundle your products together or use the success of one product to generate success in another will you be punished/penalized?

I always that was one of the big advantages of being in a Capitalist economy is that there is a high level of free for all, and you can make it work with your own ideas, strengths and successes.  With the Government regulating everything, and everyone being punished for being successful why would anyone try?

It creeps me out to think that I might be subject to Government regulation and be penalized, have my plans and competitive advantages documented and distributed to the public, destroying what I’ve built just because I was successful and my product or service is popular.

Between this and net neutrality, I just don’t understand where things are going with Government regulation, they are really trying to put the smack down on anyone who’s successful.

The article has some good points and raises some good questions, but think about what I’ve said.

See that New York Times article here:

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