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Google Tag

In case you have not already noticed, Google has released a new version of their image search.  Now you can have up to 1,000 images on one single screen!  This new search is very similar to Bing's image search.  There are some nice new features, when you click on an image it will display an informative page listing information about the image and the site it came from. Currently Google has indexed over 10 billion, yes with a b, images. Still think have photos on your web site is not important?  Think again.  People are looking. Check it out and have fun.

If you're not on Google Places, and listing all the information you can, you're missing out. Google Places funnels into Google Maps, GOOG411 and helps your search engine optimization (SEO). On your Google Places page you should be listing your logo, videos, coupons, customer testimonials, links back to your web site, all the relevant contact information and of course a description of what you do. Place a link to your Flickr account too. Happy Webbing -Jason

I got asked this question today, so I thought I would answer here for everyone. The question was "What is the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission?" Search Engine Submission is simply informing the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, Jayde, etc) that your site exists and then they will "Crawl" your web site and begin to list the pages in it's database. Search Engine Optimization is when your site's content, HTML structure, link popularity and other factors are reviewed and then adjusted accordingly to make sure you are popping up as high as possible under the various search terms someone would look your business up under. Happy Webbing.

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