Drones For Construction

Drones For Construction

Drone services have, if you’ll forgive the word, skyrocketed in popularity over the past couple of years.  Many construction companies are catching on to the fact that drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), can play a pivotal and extremely helpful role in the construction industry.

Drones Uses

Drones can offer unprecedented aerial images of a project site, much more accurate and realistic than aerial photographs.  Many construction sites are using drones for surveying, mapping and to create 3D renderings of a project.  Not only as surveying tools, drones are now used as marketing tool, as they can record the actual progress and conditions of a project during a specific moment, presenting those images to potential clients, investors, and/or lending institutions.

Impact on Construction Sites

When drones are used in construction sites, costs can be reduced and a safer environment can also be established.  Drones will provide assistance during roof inspections, during emergency assessments, for insurance surveys and post disaster relief.  Drones can also be used to complete post-blast surveys, and even as a marketing tool for sales.

As a tool that improves communication, safety and marketing, drones can offer many advantages when used in some applications on a construction project capturing real-time images from the field.  Whether you want to take preventative measures to make sure the job is being done right and safely, or you need to verify the actions of someone in particular, today’s camera-equipped drones can be your strongest ally.


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There’s a lot to keep track of on your job site — project progress, the location of equipment, the volume of materials left — and an aerial view makes it all a lot easier.  Contact us today about how we can meet these needs for you or CLICK HERE to learn more!

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