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Occasionally, we speak with business owners who do not fully understand the difference between a professional web design service and “DIY” service.  As a business owner we understand the costs that go into running a business such as accounting fees, equipment costs, leasing, payroll, rent, marketing and infrastructure.  Being tempted to have a crack at designing your own website might seem like a good idea at cutting costs out of your bottom line.

Should you build your own web site?  Maybe… but probably not!

It all comes down to putting your time into what will generate the greatest return.  The short answer;  if you want your customers to take you seriously, or actually get inquiries from your site, you need to enlist the services of a professional.

Here’s why…

Let’s assume you have already created a logo.  If you were to design the website yourself, do you have experience in design?  Can you make the website look credible and better than your competitors?

A well thought out design needs to not only have conversion elements in place, but needs to be well balanced.  It also needs to be consistent with your brand, modern and current.  Design trends change so quickly in this industry, old equipment and software is not going to cut it.

A professional web designer knows that your website should include a strategy to generate leads and sales.  It should have clever call to action (or CTA) and serve as an easy-to-read business journey with a clear way for clients and customers to contact you.

Make A Good Impression!

Web site development is a key part of a marketing strategy and is the face of your company online so should have a professional presence so that clients feel comfortable doing business with you.

First impressions are so important!  Don’t let your potential customers make the assumption that since your site looks unprofessional, your product or service must be as well.

In Our Experience…

Customers who invest in a professional website and online marketing get results.  Those who had their cousin’s uncle’s sisters brother-in-law’s friend who studied design in college, build their website usually always end up coming back to us 12 months later asking for help… and we always help them.

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