Why Is My DIY Site So Slow?

The experience your potential customers have while browsing your website can make or break their decision to invest in your product or services.  These days, people want information, and they want it fast.


Website Performance

Website performance is a hugely important topic, so much so that the big companies of the Web are obsessed with it.  For the Googles, Yahoos, Amazons and eBays, slow websites mean fewer users, which results in less happy users resulting in lost revenue and reputation.

If your website is your main source of revenue, then it makes sense to pay for the best hosting you can get, because it’s going to have a direct impact on how much money your business makes.

What Causes This Poor Performance?

There are a few issues that factor into poor website performance.  One of the biggest reasons has to do with being hosted on their web servers.  While these DIY website builder companies do have decently sized servers, you have to consider that you are one of thousands of accounts hosted by that server.

You Get What You Pay For!

When multiple people are accessing the same server (even if they are different websites), load spikes occur, greatly impeding speeds and performance.  When this happens, your website most likely won’t be able to handle the server traffic.  This results in poor performance which ultimately costs you clients.

Remember that your hosting is the foundational component of everything you do online.  Your SEO and Google rankings, your Adwords and Facebook ads, and the enquiries, calls and emails your site generates are all tied to the quality of your hosting.  Faster, more reliable hosting will easily pay for itself in the form of more enquiries, calls and sales coming through your website.

Here at QC Total Tech, websites hosted on our platform can handle thousands of visitors at once AND have rock solid reliability.  For a FREE site evaluation call us at 563-823-1114 or visit:

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