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It’s All In The Code

On the outside, DIY web building solutions advertise having lots of choices, great looks, and easy operation (some of which are actually true). Sadly, until you buy it won’t know the limitations of a site made with a DIY builder.

The Backside

DIY website builders are filled with so much code on the backside in an attempt to have everything you may need while building your site.

Now, what if you do not need all these options?  Nothing you can do, unfortunately.  They are built into the site and will impact your site’s overall speed and load time.


Do I need to worry about SEO? If you are a business interested in standing apart from your competitors, then YES! You can’t rely on a DIY site as your long term business plan. Every part of a site counts, from the way it’s coded to the way it’s content is wrote. An improperly coded site will have long term negative affects on all your SEO efforts.

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