We just submitted a nationally targeted app to the Apple App Store, next is the Google Play store with the Android version.    We've been hard at work for the last few months on a new mobile app targeting a national audience, we can't say much more (yet) due to confidentiality with our client.Stay tuned!

We are pleased to announce a brand new service offering, Mobile App Design!  We've worked very hard developing this fantastic new service that is so affordable.  We have known for a while that a mobile app design was a gaping hole in what we provide.  So we decided it was time to put the wheels in motion and pack our toolbox with awesome new tools that allow us to keep your customers engaged in a bold new way.  You no longer have to be major corporation with a full-time dedicated staff and an unlimited budget to stay competitive.  So as of today our mobile app design service is fully operational!Yes its true not every business needs a mobile app, and we understand that, but many of you do, and what's more

We meet and speak with lots of different businesses.  Our clientele is a very culturally diverse ecosystem of companies in varied industries and of many different sizes.   Having this large breadth of first hand information to work with has given us the insight and advantage to see what's going on out there and where things are going.  That being said we've noticed some major changes over the last 18 months, the crazy fast adoption of mobile by consumers.  Now, I know what you're probably thinking

More and more, mobile devices are starting to dominate.  Smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the mainstay. In Apple's Q1 earnings call, reports Apple sold 7.33 million iPads and 16.24 million iPhones.  Apple predicts the tablet will soon replace the home computer.   It makes a lot of sense, mobile devices are fun, they are fast and are relatively affordable compared to a computer.  How often do you use a phone or tablet to surf the web?  Its always nice to view a web site that has been optimized specifically for a phone or tablet.  Why wouldn't your web site also have those optimizations and goals?Except for certain circumstances we, as an industry, have been operating under the model that the desktop (or full size) site is primary then mobile is secondary.  Now, with the advent of mobile

As many of you know, I've been an avid iPhone user for sometime.  I got one in December of 2007 when I destroyed my Treo, yes destroyed.  Well just recently, Tuesday of last week, my fiancee and I switched from AT&T and the iPhone over to Verizon Wireless and the BlackBerry.  I have BlackBerry Pearl Flip and Emily got the new BlackBerry Tour (its very shiny).We made the decision to switch carriers because AT&T has poor coverage, I could not even go in the basement of my house without losing 100% of my signal.  No, I do not live in an iron fortress, I sold that last year.  Anyway, we did quite a bit of research on which carrier was the best in terms of coverage, customer service and price.  Verizon came on top of them all, so we then

Yes, its true, Google is finally going to announce their development of an open source operating system.  Initially the new operating system, which is based on their Chrome browser, will be built for NetBooks.  This new operating system will be available in the latter half of 2010.    Google's core focuses will be speed and security.  Google takes aim at Microsoft, how awesome!Google's new "Chrome Based" operating system is actually based on a Linux kernel, this OS will be all about the web.  As it says in Google's online Chrome comic book (yes, they have one), the first browsers weren't created for all these new technologies and ways people are using this technology such as playing games online, chatting, uploading pictures, videos, web cam interaction, etc.  They were simply constructed as HTML browsers.Personally, I like Google Chrome, but I still use

OK, I know its all over the web, but I just had to post because I'm that excited.  Yes, I truly am a geek.  I live and die by my iPhone when I'm not in front of my multiplex of monitors.  The new iPhone software will feature Cut, Copy and Paste, Push Technology, Enhanced Bluetooth features for software developers, a search function and MMS (picture and video messaging).  Finally!  I'm so glad, I cant wait for it to be released.  Anyway, you can find out more info on and

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