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Google Operating System

Yes, its true, Google is finally going to announce their development of an open source operating system.  Initially the new operating system, which is based on their Chrome browser, will be built for NetBooks.  This new operating system will be available in the latter half of 2010.    Google’s core focuses will be speed and security.  Google takes aim at Microsoft, how awesome!

Google’s new “Chrome Based” operating system is actually based on a Linux kernel, this OS will be all about the web.  As it says in Google’s online Chrome comic book (yes, they have one), the first browsers weren’t created for all these new technologies and ways people are using this technology such as playing games online, chatting, uploading pictures, videos, web cam interaction, etc.  They were simply constructed as HTML browsers.

Personally, I like Google Chrome, but I still use FireFox as my browser of choice, and I’m on the web 24×7.  I believe in Google and I believe in Google’s methodologies.  Its also pretty rare when Google releases a shoddy haphazard product….which is more than Microsoft can say.

We’ll see, its an exciting development, I’ll be watching it closely and posting information here on this blog.

Happy Webbing.

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