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Updating Your Site

OK, so you have a web site, and you’re really proud that you have this web site…but its been like 3 years since you last updated.  That’s not so bad, right? Things have not changed that much in 3 years, right?  Wrong.  You absolutely have to keep your site updated, people expect current content, new graphics, and constant information.  On Google you hear the term “relevancy” used frequently, I even mention on this blog.  Its all about relevancy, is your information relevant to the potential customers and web site viewers?  Is it?  Really?  I mean think about it, check your site, is that information relevant to someone sitting looking for information on what you do?  OR is it just a bunch of marketing terms and phrases you carefully and skillfully tweaked for a week before handing over to your site designer?  Its not about marketing gimmicks, buzz words and hip lingo its about making your content relevant to the person reading it.  I don’t write a blog entry unless I think its relevant.    Think about it like this, when you are searching on the web for information on what new gas grill you’re going to buy this spring what are you looking for?  What information do you want?  You want specs, performance information, reviews, etc.  Not a bunch of buzz terms that seem so generic your mind drifts off and you’re thinking about the last episode of C.S.I. instead of what you’re actually looking for.  Next thing you know you’ve clicked back and you’re moving on to the next site….don’t be that site!

People say to me, “I don’t have time to update my blog”, I’m writing this at 10:00 PM because I don’t have time either and I work on the web all day!  There is this preconceived notiion that you have to update the site and agonize over every word, I’m sure not.  I don’t have time for that and people appreciate an honest fresh perspective on things.  I’m blunt, open and honest in this blog, and now thats what my readers and customers expect.  I have thousands of people reading this blog all the time.  I’m not a bit concerned about how I come off…because I know that my content is relevant…if its relevant then it matters.

So, what is relevant to you?  To your readers?  Whats relevant to your customers?  Is what your typing and writing worth the time you put in it?

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