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Quality and Quantity

If you are concerned at all about writing content for your blog or web site, know this: quality and quantity matter equally.The more often you write the better off you are and the quality matters too. Don’t write an article simply so you have something new on your site, write something that matters and is worth reading. Think of your audience, would they want to spend time reading the information? The other thing to remember is, your ultimate goal is to communicate with your customers not simply to gain a higher ranking on Google. You are much better off writing a 1 paragraph article once a day than a 2 page article once a month.Keep your content relatively consistent, especially if its in a blog format. Don’t jump around too much, if your content scope is too wide and varied you might lose your audience.  Remember, now-a-days people can subscribe to your Blogs VIA Outlook, FeedBurner, Outlook and many other ways. So to them, it could be just another article coming down the wire, make it count.  So, in conclusion, keep writing but only if its worth writing.

Happy Webbing.

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