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2009, What a Ride

Wow, 2009 has been one heck of a year and ends a rather crummy decade in the American culture.  Time Magazine referred to this decade as “The Decade from Hell”.

2009 for us has been a real challenge, with all the spam law changes, copyright changes and the explosion of Social Media and its weight on web sites its been a roller coaster to just keep up.  But, we’re at the end of the year, entering our 5th year in business and the outlook has never looked stronger.  We have many exciting new web sites and services that’ll be rolling out in the first quarter and a lot of great new clients coming on board.

A good friend of mine has just opened his new business, and it makes me recall when I started this company, I learned my knowledge from mistakes has helped me give a bit of guidance to him to keep him on the right path.  As any business owner knows, there many pitfalls and those ready to take advantage of you.

Every year I find myself looking back and seeing whats changed, what I’ve learned and how the new year will affect us.  I don’t think I can ever recall a year like 2009, the level of new clients was sporadic (to say the least) and technology was ever evolving.  My blog readership has increased 600% and we’ve constructed over 70 web sites now and we’re growing stronger, 2010 will be the first time we’ve rolled out web sites of our own for services we’ve engineered and developed.

I think my own personal web knowledge has probably increased 10 fold this year, and I don’t think 2010 is going to slow me down at all.  I love this industry and I love creating web sites and services to help folks out and make everyone prosperous.

I haven’t updated this blog much recently because I’ve been so busy with completing projects and rolling out new web sites.  So to those of you who’ve e-mailed me, sorry about that, I promise to do better starting now!

I formed a lot of new relationships this year, gained a slew of new clients and best of all got engaged to my business partner Emily, who has been a critical component to our success since coming on board a couple years ago.  I look forward to our wedding in 2010, our new services and business relationships and friendships we’ve gained.

So, 2009, and 2000’s, I say good riddens!  2010 here we come!  It’s on in 2010.

Happy Webbing and a Happy New Year to you and yours!


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