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Its Sunday evening, and I'm sitting in my favorite chair, watching TV while the aroma of dinner flows in from the kitchen.  I'm just relaxing, I haven't done anything for "work" since Friday afternoon. I consider myself a creative, and I'm also very die hard.  However, my partner is my fiancée, we co-own the business so the work, well, its always there.  Between the two us, we have three kids and we agreed sometime ago we had to work more 9 to 5, to be fair to our family.  Since we made the agreement of working restrictive hours (which took some time to implement) we found a great by-product

We have been incredibly busy here at QC Total Tech.  We've got 4 client web sites in production. Just launched 1 other and have been working aggressively on our project. We are really excited with some of the projects we are working on, and have ideas for many more of our own web sites.  We are trying to diversify and capitalize on a lot of ideas that been sitting on the shelf here for a long time. So much has changed in the web since we started this crazy ride 6 years ago, its hard to believe we have been at it that long.  It seems as though we opened our doors just yesterday.  It is always fun to look back at old sites and designs, its amazing how fast things change.  Technologies we consider a mainstay today were not even

Wow, 2009 has been one heck of a year and ends a rather crummy decade in the American culture.  Time Magazine referred to this decade as "The Decade from Hell". 2009 for us has been a real challenge, with all the spam law changes, copyright changes and the explosion of Social Media and its weight on web sites its been a roller coaster to just keep up.  But, we're at the end of the year, entering our 5th year in business and the outlook has never looked stronger.  We have many exciting new web sites and services that'll be rolling out in the first quarter and a lot of great new clients coming on board. A good friend of mine has just opened his new business, and it makes me recall when I started this company, I learned my knowledge from mistakes

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