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February 2012

Its Sunday evening, and I'm sitting in my favorite chair, watching TV while the aroma of dinner flows in from the kitchen.  I'm just relaxing, I haven't done anything for "work" since Friday afternoon. I consider myself a creative, and I'm also very die hard.  However, my partner is my fiancée, we co-own the business so the work, well, its always there.  Between the two us, we have three kids and we agreed sometime ago we had to work more 9 to 5, to be fair to our family.  Since we made the agreement of working restrictive hours (which took some time to implement) we found a great by-product

Ever heard the phrase link juice?  No its not a drink, or something from the popular Nintendo™ character.  "Link juice" is the benefit you receive by getting inbound links to your web site.  These links to your site could be from blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.    Link juice is just a cool phrase, its not a program, a service or anything you can subscribe to.  When other sites that link to yours start getting indexed by Google it gives your site more authority, and this is what we call link juice.  That's all.  Just thought I would clear that up for those of you wondering. Happy Webbing.

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