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Working over time

We have been incredibly busy here at QC Total Tech.  We’ve got 4 client web sites in production. Just launched 1 other and have been working aggressively on our project.

We are really excited with some of the projects we are working on, and have ideas for many more of our own web sites.  We are trying to diversify and capitalize on a lot of ideas that been sitting on the shelf here for a long time.

So much has changed in the web since we started this crazy ride 6 years ago, its hard to believe we have been at it that long.  It seems as though we opened our doors just yesterday.  It is always fun to look back at old sites and designs, its amazing how fast things change.  Technologies we consider a mainstay today were not even available back then.  Its been a long fun journey and we are only just beginning.  We are very excited looking forward at potential clients, current client updates and with our own web sites coming out.  To think That 6 years ago nobody really even knew what
Facebook was and now here we are updating it almost hourly, we Tweet constantly and are always thinking up new ways to tie it all together.

Keeping up with technology, standards and best practices is probably the most fun and equally difficult part of our job.  Our industry changes daily, so we are forced to read industry blogs, magazines and newsletters constantly.  We have always prided ourselves on our ability to stay up with the latest in technology and services and always recommending the best possible solutions for our clients, not just things that make us an extra buck. 

So to all our loyal readers, fans and clients,  we thank you. 

Happy Webbing.

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